Immersion Classroom Program.




A course in immersion means that a student is placed in a situation where their only option is to speak English.

This is done by creating a ‘buddy’ system where a student is assigned to a local student as their mentor and besides their classroom activities is their additional source of language learning.

Of course, if there are other students from their own culture at the same school, there will be opportunity to speak to them in their native language but this is not encouraged.

The Homestay is the same. No two student from the same country are allowed to reside in the same home.


Immersion classes means that all classes are in English. There are no “Special English Classes” for a student.

The student is placed in a conventional Australia classroom and must learn to “think” in English. At the discretion of the school, the student may be

allowed to record their classes (audio) so as he/she can listen to the class later in the evening at their own pace in order to complete their required homework.





Homestay Australia can offer students the opportunity to study in Primary and Secondary schools throughout Australia.


Students become a part of the School Community for a period of Two to Ten weeks.


Groups of Students can be from One to twenty students per school.

Groups of 10 students or more will include an accompanying Teacher.

Start Dates can be at any time throughout the Academic Year

Students may be required to purchase the school uniform

Student Accommodation arranged by Homestay Australia

Student Guardianship arranged by Homestay Australia


For more information and the Agreement Form, please email :





To the School / Agency


Homestay Australia requires a copy of the signed Agreement in order to confirm their arrangements.


Once the Agreement has been signed Homestay Australia will require the following :


1.     Name, Age, Gender of Students

2.     Suggested Start Date and Completion Date.

3.     Copy of Academic record of each Student



Once a Student has been accepted by the School in Australia, arrangements are confirmed for


1.     Airport Transfer to and from Homestay (Arranged by Homestay Australia)


2.    Homestay Accommodation  (Arranged by Homestay Australia).

The Homestay Host will be responsible for the Day to Day care of each student including ensuring the Student can travel to and from school by Public Transport.

The Host will bring the student to school on their first day personally and assist in the arrangement of the School uniform.

Homestay Australia will act as the Guardian for each student.


3.     Confirmation of total Payment required.  Payment is based upon the requirement of the school selected.



Homestay Australia