Living with native can improve your spoken English, and my home is very good for giving me a warm home.


I think it enough long  XD


On Mon, 28 Oct 2019 at 10:07 am, <info@homestay-australia.com> wrote:






Hi Emily

Sorry to reply late

In this month, I think my homestay is very kind to me, and I also like the atmosphere of their family, everyone is very friendly!








Sent: Monday, 2 September 2019 10:54 AM
To: admin@homestay-australia.com
Subject: Moving house

 Dear homestay,

I am going to move place in next 3 weeks. Can you help me announce this information to my host? Thank you for supporting me during the time I lived at homestay. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards,




Hi Emily, 

  Iím plan to move out next week. I have already told my host family. Thank you so much for offering an opportunity to me that i can stay with the most wonderful host family ever . I have a perfect experience with my homestay family and Homestay Australia . Thank you so much .

 Kind regards and all the best 


Hi Sandra,

I just updated feedback from our students who stayed with Emma.

Everyone gave really good feedback to her.

The last one we placed with her is very happy with the family.

Please see his comments below;

ďThey are very kind to me. Mother and father always talked to me when we had dinner and he helped me to buy Myki card. I said I want to see Kangaroo he took me by car to see kangaroos. If I asked wuestions to them they gave me the answer so I fell very relaxed. Two sons made breakfast for me on the first day so they are very kind to me.Ē

Kind regards,


From: 祝振耀
Sent: Monday, 5 August 2019 5:39 PM
To: info@homestay-australia.com
Subject: Re: Zhu

My time in my homestay is very good, the host family is very kind to me! Thank you!

201985日,下午12:38<info@homestay-australia.com> <info@homestay-australia.com> 写道:



Firstly, itís great honor for me that can live with native host, which can help me accustoming to Australiaís life style. Secondly, I really appreciate it that I was arranged the Mariaís family. Maria is really a kind lady, she is really friendly and can always help me with a lot of things. I really had a great time living in home stay. In addition, I also want to express my gratitude toward home stay companyís staffs. Itís them who helped me changing the plan, telling me how to pay the invoice and a lot of things which Iím not familiar with. Hoping this mail can convey my appreciation and gratitude toward Maria and you all. Thank you.

Kind regards,



Dear Administration,

I would like to inform you that I will be moving out of my Homestay at the end of this month. I have told my homestay and has already secured an accommodation for next year. 

I would like to ask about the payment for this month, the termination of the contract and information about it.

Thank you for the whole year! Rhonda was one of the best people I have ever met. She was not only caring, but also knowledgeable and wonderful to live with. Thus I would recommend anyone student to stay with her.


Best regards,





I have already graduated from Trinity College, since my final grades haven't come out, I don't know which university I will go. I will go back to China nexy Monday, 10pm. Thank you very much for this period, I really enjoy the time spending with my homestay family.  You are my first choice if I will live in a homestay familiy again:)

From: admin@homestay-australia.com <admin@homestay-australia.com>
Sent: Tuesday, 6 November 2018 9:25 PM



Dear Administration,

I would like to inform you that I will be moving out of my Homestay at the end of this month. I have told my homestay and has already secured an accommodation for next year. 

Thank you for the whole year! Rhonda was one of the best people I have ever met. She was not only caring, but also knowledgeable and wonderful to live with. Thus I would recommend anyone student to stay with her.





Thank you very much ・∀・)

It is such a great experience living with my host, and really lucky to have you for helping me find them

Thanks for everything I

Best wishes ( ・ิω・ิ)


<admin@homestay-australia.com> 20181114 週三 17:30寫道:

Dear Student





     As you know that on 11th of September I will celebrate my 18th birthday and on that day I will leave my homestay room and I will live with my friends. But after changing my address I will inform to student centre about my new address in the next couple of days.

One more thing I would like to say is that I had good time in my homestay under guardian.



 On Tue, 7 Aug 2018, 6:55 pm , <info@homestay-australia.com> wrote:





The Homestay parents are hosts are nice and enthusiastic. When I first arrived, they gave me good advice and guide. Personally Iím most satisfied with the food, it is similar with what I eat in my home country. The furnitures in my room are complete and the room is quite big. Although the bed is quite small but I think all the Homestay are similar.

From: admin@homestay-australia.com
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2018 9:37 am



I have a really good time staying in current Homestay. My host is really nice. Thank you for recommending me to my host. 

Best wishes,


On Mon, 20 Aug 2018 at 15:03, <admin@homestay-australia.com> wrote:




yesi enjoyed my time live in this homestay

This family treats me as a family memberand they are really nice

by the waythe food they cook is really tasty


On Thu, 26 Jul 2018 at 12:18 pm, <admin@homestay-australia.com> wrote:





Dear sir/madam,


Itís good to have such a good host family. They treat me well and take care of me. And thank u as well!




发自我的 iPhone

2018529日,17:11<admin@homestay-australia.com> <admin@homestay-australia.com> 写道:



Dear officer


Thank you for your answer.


The host family is very funny and friendly.


They can help you to resolve your issue.


They don't have many requirement for people,expect for cleaning your room.


It is important thing that their meals are very delicious.


Thanks for your recommend the host family.


I will recommend you to my friend who they need.


Best regrads





------------------ 原始邮件 ------------------

发件人: "admin@homestay-australia.com"<admin@homestay-australia.com>;

发送时间: 2018429(星期天) 下午5:22





The tine in homestay is very good. Homestay mother takes care of me very well.



From: "admin"<admin@homestay-australia.com>

Date: Wed, Apr 25, 2018 11:27 AM




Dear Homestay Australia,

My stay has been incredible! I stayed in 2 different homestays and both of the hostmoms cook really good foods. Iím going to miss that a lot. My last homestay in Raís place has been incredibly lovely. I love how warm and welcoming their family is, and I feel like actually being a part of their family. Additionally, there is a small dog that is always accompanying me too! I feel very lucky to have a really special host family during my first months in Melbourne.

Best regards,




Iím Jialu C.

During the time I was living in homestay, everything goes well.

My homestay mother Pam is really nice and kind.

Iím glad to recommend homestay to my friends.

Thank you.


Sent from my iPad


> On 27 Mar 2018, at 20:05, <admin@homestay-australia.com> <admin@homestay-australia.com> wrote:



Dear Sandra

Just wanted to advise you that my student Jeremy left last Sunday. He was with me for four months and it was a pleasure having him. He is an amazing boy, his family would be so proud of him.

Thank you for recommending him to stay with me.

Could you please confirm that I still have  one  student arriving 23rd February?

Enjoy Australia Day and 2018!





They are great and kind.


On 4 Dec 2017, at 5:51 pm, Homestay Australia <info@homestay-australia.com> wrote:



Dear Emily,
        It was a pleasure to have your team with me too. I am very appreciate of the things you have done with me,like change the original homestay to my current homestay. Many thanks to your team. I spent a good time with Melanie (the host) and her parents. Keren and Wanjing will still stay in my homestay and Zhai she is already 18 so I am not sure whether she will stay or not. I think my homestay is very good. I hope some other overseas students can have opportunity to live with them.

Kind regards

> 在 2017年11月27日,上午11:29,Administration <admin@homestay-australia.com> 写道:



Dear homestay Australia,
I really enjoy my time in my current homestay. I have decided to move not because my host is not nice but my personal reasons. I want to live near to my school so that It costs less time for me in traffic. Actually if possible, I wish to live in my current homestay for longer. Nora(My host) and her families are really nice and have been trying to make me live comfortably. We are actually friends to each other rather than host and lodger.
Anyway it's been a good time and best wishes to Homestay Australia.





I really appreciate my home stay during the time I stayed there. Nam is a kind and friendly lady. She helped me a lot to get used to the life in Melbourne when I first came there. Whatís more, during the communication with her, I found she is an independent and smart lady, and I really admire her. I had a wonderful time in her home. Finally, we became good friends, and I will pay a visit to her during the Christmas. 
Sent from Mail Master On 11/16/2017 14:09, Administration wrote:




I am enjoying staying with my homestay host and would like to stay on longer . Sandra told me to email you to get the details of next invoice.
Can you please send me instructions and payment details so I can make this extension directly with you?
Kind regards,





I have already signed the contract this afternoon and I will move to the apartment next month with my friend. I will be 18 years old on 23rd Nov, and I plan to move there on the weekend after my birthday. I have told the host family about my plan and she approved that as well. Because the home stay is a little bit far from the school, so I decided to move to apartment after my birthday. However, I really enjoyed live with the home stay in the past three months, she is a nice person and took care of me a lot. I appreciate her so much. 
And now I send this noticment to  home stay agent, and I want to know more details about  transition between home stay and apartment. 
Thanks a lot 
Zhiyuan Yang

Sent from Mail Master



Dear Emily,
I do enjoy the time in my homestay. They are all very kind and generous. The only disadvantage is that it is too far away for a trinity student to go to school.
Best wishes,

Sent from my iPad

On 28 Sep 2017, at 10:38 am, Homestay Australia <info@homestay-australia.com> wrote:




(Melbourne Hostel) is so small and awfully expensive. I've been living here for about 6 months and so far it has been the worst experience. people get so sensitive if you make loud noises because there is so many rooms in one floor that you can hear people talking from other rooms.

I've gotten so many noise complains just because i was calling my friend and vacuuming at 10 pm during the holidays. I don't recommend anyone moving in (Melbourne Hostel) carlton.

Any of these "branded" student accommodation apartments centred around Melbourne are horrendously expensive and frankly a nightmare to live in. You get a tiny room that can barely fit a single bed and a small desk; a bathroom that is smaller than your average wardrobe; and most don't have Air-conditioning.

The reason they cost so much is because the location of the apartments allow these companies to prey on 1st year international students who have just moved to Aus. and have no clue about the local rental market. The majority of 1st year students who do stay in these types of places move out by their 2nd year (once the lease expires).

By all means take up a short term lease (try and get a 3 or 6 month term). Once you get settled and work out the logistics of the local rental application process; have a look at share houses (make some friends in the same boat as you and rent a 2-3 bedroom house together).

I suggest North Melbourne, Carlton or Fitzroy (Parkville or the CBD are probably too expensive). My mates found a 3 bedroom place that is 5 minutes walk from Melbourne Uni for 500 p/w. (165 approx. each)




Dear Administration,

I really enjoyed the time in the homestay. They are really nice and responsible. Really appreciate the care.


On 10 Jul 2017, at 11:39 am, Administration <admin@homestay-australia.com> wrote:





Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your reply and assistance!
It has been a great time to stay in my homestay. I love the food that the host family made for me, they are delicious! The atmosphere in my homestay is also cozy and warm. My homestay parents are hospitable and helpful. I enjoy playing with my host family's children, they are both very friendly. The two cats of my homestay are very cute!
I had lots of interesting activities with my homestay, such as BBQs, birthday parties and Christmas celebration. My English also improved a lot as my homestay family usually help me with my pronunciation and grammar.
My bedroom is bright and clean, and I have all I need in it. The bed is really soft and comfortable!
I will recommend my homestay to my friends if they want to study in Melbourne.
That's my opinion of my homestay.
Yours Sincerely,

............ Si




My homestay family is awesome, it is pleasure to live with them. The only disadvantage is that it's a little bit far away from home to school for a Trinity student.

Kind regards,

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On 3 May 2017, at 12:58 pm, Administration <admin@homestay-australia.com> wrote:




Hi Jenny,
I am greatly appreciated that I stay with a very nice host Veronica. My host treats me pretty good. She teaches me a lot of things, like some daily stuff in English, how to use miki card and so on. I am very pleased with her and want to keep touch with her. We become good friends. This is my feedback.
Kind regards,




The homestay was good. But it was far from the train so had to walk alot from the station and there are not so good bus service there. But the family was very good. 

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On Mar 22, 2017, at 9:35 AM, Jenny Wilson <info@homestay-australia.com> wrote:


Dear ms.Susan

They are nice and good to me,no any compliment. 

Thanks too, for arranging this accomodation





Hi, I think my homestay is very nice and my host is very nice too.

Sent from my iPad

On 7 Mar 2017, at 8:30 pm, Susan Carr <admin@homestay-australia.com> wrote




Hi, sorry for the late reply. I didn't have Internet for the last two days.
My homestay hosts are relatively young and apparently they spend lots of time outside the house. There were no strict rules and I'm perfectly fine with having more freedom. However, they might not be suitable for students looking for "home vibe", I would recommend students who are older and more independent(self sufficient )to stay....
As for the public transport, there's a tram stop 7min walk away and it takes about 40 min to get to the city. Alternatively, there's a train station 23min walk away, and takes about another 20min to get to Melbourne Central .. I had struggles having to get up early for morning classes during winter so I thought this would be something worth mentioning..
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On 3 Mar. 2017, at 9:36 am, Susan Carr <admin@homestay-australia.com> wrote:



My homestay is good, we had a good time together. Marie is a nice person, it's happy to stay with her. 

Sent from my iPad

On 7 Feb 2017, at 10:34 AM, Jenny Wilson <info@homestay-australia.com> wrote:




Thank you for being patient with me all the time. I will recommend you to my friends if they need. My homestay is very nice and patient. Staying here is good all the time. 


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On 27 Jan 2017, at 9:53 AM, Administration <admin@homestay-australia.com> wrote:




This homestay is very good, the master treated me very kindly.Environment is also good. I just want to live near my friends and live independently.
发自:ZUK Z2




It is really fantastic to live in my homestay and we are just like a family. They are very kind and helpful to me all the time.

发自我的 iPad



Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for asking me. I have a good life with this family, and I will leave on December 11th.

Kind regards,



I love everyone in my homestay, they are very good to me. They treat me just like their daughter, thank you for them and also thank you for helping me to send invoice every month.

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> On 28 Nov 2016, at 8:30 PM, Homestay Australia PL <admin@homestay-australia.com> wrote:



I'm very satisfied with the quality of life in this home stay, but I still feel unconvince to go to language school every day. I mean it too far away from the city.




Choose to live in a homestay is a wise choice for most of the student who just arrived in Australia. It helps me to quickly get involve into the original life in Australia and get to know the life skills and knowledge about local surroundings.
I do appreciate my homestay family because they treat my very well and I do enjoy the time with them. Indeed I improve my English and learn a lot from my host family. It's more like a family to me rather just a place to live. Thanks for the time we stay together. And I m sure we will have more nice memory in the future! Thanks!
Kind Regards,

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> On 20 Nov 2016, at 10:12 PM, Homestay Australia <info@homestay-australia.com> wrote:



The time i stay at my homestay is great. The reasons why i move are my allergic for the flowers around my homestay and my mom will come to stay with me for a few time.
Kind regards

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On 14 Nov. 2016, at 6:23 pm, Homestay Australia PL <admin@homestay-australia.com> wrote:




The time i spent with my homestay is great. Adriana and Petros are really good persons. Adriana can do very delicious food, I'll miss her food so much. Petros is a funny person, he can always make us laugh. 

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On 18 Oct. 2016, at 2:40 pm, Homestay Australia PL <admin@homestay-australia.com> wrote:



My host is kind and nice,she takes good care of me.

Sent from my iPad

On 18 Oct 2016, at 3:14 PM, Homestay Australia PL <admin@homestay-australia.com> wrote:




Staying in this homestay is really great. If improve the speed of the Internet will be better. But the homestay is soooooooo nice. 



Actually, I have a really good time when I live in homestay. My host is very nice to me, and she has taken care of me very well. We often have communications together, which improves my speaking ability. I appreciate her very much.

If there is a chance, I will recommend your company to others.


Wang Yicheng

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On 4 Oct 2016, at 10:14, Homestay Australia PL <admin@homestay-australia.com> wrote:



Choose to live in a homestay is a wise choice for most of the student who just arrived in Australia. It helps me to quickly get involve into the original life in Australia and get to know the life skills and knowledge about local surroundings.
I do appreciate my homestay family because they treat my very well and I do enjoy the time with them. Indeed I improve my English and learn a lot from my host family. It's more like a family to me rather just a place to live. Thanks for the time we stay together. And I m sure we will have more nice memory in the future! Thanks!
Kind Regards,

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Date:   Tue, 1/20/2015 10:18:21 AM


     25 prcey st's brunswick. Joan is a nice lady . It is a good homestay




I'm really satisfied with my host family, thank you!


On 18 Jan 2015, at 9:37 am, Homestay Australia PL




That is a great homestay. I like all things in this family. Thank you for their all things. When I leave, they will have two students , just for two weeks. That is all I know. Thank you

发自我的 iPad

在 16 Mar 2015,10:11 pm,Homestay Australia







My homestay is really good ,I very enjoy the time with my homestay,the only problem is that it is far from my university, so i have to choice moving out.




Yang su




My home stay lido is very very very very very nice.

Thank you

Sent from my iPad

On 2 Dec 2014, at 14:14, Homestay Australia




Nicole has been told.Thanks a lot.You know my host is the best one I ever heard from my friends who were in homestay too.I will miss here. And thanks again!

Cc: "&#39;Homestay Australia PL&#39;"<homestay@homestay-australia.com>;



enjoy living there because of tasty food. There is only one thing that I dislike,the Homestay is a bit far away to city and I must spend lots of time on the tram.

Very enjoyable! Thanks!

Dear Susan,

Thank you that you provide me a good house with friendly and helpful hosts. They are very kind and always do the best for me. The facilities are also good. 

On Monday, May 4, 2015, Homestay Australia PL <admin@homestay-australia.com> wrote:



My homestay makes me feel very comfortable in the time with they, I learnt a lot culture, they also took care of me. I love my homestay very much.

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On 24 Jan 2015, at 1:56 pm, Homestay Australia PL <homestay@homestay-australia.com> wrote


My homestay was terrific. And thank you for your work.

But since homestay is being arranged randomly, i reckon it would be more rational to put the information of different homestay holds and let students to choose from.
Best wishes

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On 27 Jan 2015, at 09:14, Homestay Australia PL <admin@homestay-australia.com> wrote:


My homestay is very nice. She takes care of us very much and helps us a lot.

Thank you, 

13 Dec 2014,10:48 am,Homestay Australia PL <homestay@homestay-australia.com>


Dear Homestay Australia PL

The Homestay is excellent and I enjoy my time that I lived there.

Thank you.



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On 16 Feb 2015, at 9:42 pm, Homestay Australia PL <admin@homestay-australia.com> wrote:


Dear Susan
I really enjoyed the period when I stay with my homestay. The couple is reliable and responsible . I do recommend to other students. Thank you very much.
Kind regards


Thank you for asking.
I think it's all right,and the landlady cooked many kinds of food,the room is clean,and it's quite.


Thank you for connecting Marilynne and me. Wonderful and memorable experience in life.

在 2015年4月20日,下午1:18,Homestay Australia PL <admin@homestay-australia.com> 写道:


Dear Homestay Australia

I am Seven.

I have lived in my Homestay for almost 6 months. They treated me very well.
I don't have any rule and sometimes I chatted with my hostess about what I like to eat, she will buy some for me the day after.
Also, at some festivals, they will hold parties and invite me to join them.
The time that I live in my Homestay is quite good and joyful.
I will miss them.
Thank u.

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On 6 Mar 2015, at 12:31 pm, Homestay Australia PL <admin@homestay-australia.com> wrote:


My homestay family is a very friendly family, they treat me well and the host is good at cooking. Sometimes I do something wrong they have patient to teach me. And if they have something to do, they will prepare enough food for me so I cannot be hungry. I spent a fantastic time in my homestay family, we have no quarrel and I love them. Thanks for taking care of me.
That's all!
 Thank you!

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On 4 Mar 2015, at 12:45, Homestay Australia PL <homestay@homestay-australia.com> wrote:

My homestay is very nice. I love them so much.

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在 2015年1月20日,09:12,Homestay Australia PL <homestay@homestay-australia.com> 写道:


i was happy and  taken care of well















My home stay is very kind to me,if my friend do not told me joint rent with him I still want to live this home stay.


------------------ 原始邮件 ------------------

发件人: "Homestay Australia PL";<admin@homestay-australia.com>;

发送时间: 2014年9月29日(星期一) 上午6:41

收件人: "5251094"<5251094@qq.com>;




Dear Cathy,


Thanks for providing a homestay to me and I had a good time within this year. Everything is good.


Kind regards,

Wenxin Li 



Dear Susan



Hi,I'm Muci Zhang.Thanks for your reply!


My first month in homestay was perfect~The lady (Maria Smith) in the homestay was so friendly and kindhearted.She provided all the things I need and take good care of me.I'm really appreciate to have an opportunity to stay with such a good housewife!


Sincerely yours


Muci Zhang



Wel,my homestay hosts are very kind persons. I am happy with them.Thank you!


Yang Wei




Hi Susan, 

I had a really good time with my homestay last month and they are really nice and kind people!!! They took good care of me, took me to amazing places and really cared about me. Thank you for finding me such a wonderful family!






I think that house is so nice and hosts are very kind. That is really helpful for me to get used to the Australia life. However, I felt so longly because I had no roommate there, more importantly that area is so quiet, and it is not easy to have fun by public transportation for that location.  Sometimes, I backed home, hosts were not at home leaving me facing that empty house and empty outside world which made me so sad.  If the transportation is more convenient or if I could have roommates, my homestay experience will be perfect.


Kind regards




Hi Cathy!

It was great! The family was great with me. They are lovely and very attentive. When I come back to Australia, sure they will be my host family again! 

I would like to thank you and all the Homestay team for allowing me to live my dream of visiting Australia.


Thanks from Brazil! 
De P‚mela Galo da Silva -  



Hi Cathy, 

My time in a homestay was very good. It was a pleasure to stay with Amy's family. They are confident, respectful, honest and help me for much informations. I recommend Amy for everyone.


Kind Regards, 



I am very happy in this homestay, Teresa is a wonderful woman.  I hope that she would be fine when I move out. Thanks for your efforts.


发送时间: 2014年7月11日(星期五) 7:28

收件人: "Erik" <6454617@qq.com>;

主题: Re: (无主题)




Pretty good! Living in a homestay is a good choice to practice English. They are very kind to me.

Sent from my iPad



Dear Sandra,


I might change my university, which is far away from my homestay now. So I would like to move out to that place, so I am going to move out at 17th, July. I really enjoy the time I lived in my homestay, Katie and Stan are the best homestay parents I have met. In addition, thanks for you help and patient. I will choose homestay Australian again if I have chance. Thank you very much. 


Kind regards,

Yabing Sun





In homestay these days I am very happy, I very like this family, they are very good to me, when I was ill will to take me to the hospital, every day there are delicious food, various aspects to meet the needs of my life. Thank you very much for they are the four months to my care.


Hanwei Wang





My homestay was the best homestay ever. Delicious food . Good location. Comfortable .They're really nice . They made me  practice my English with them . They always talked to me to practice it was really good and I learned too many things from them .







Yea my homestay mother her name is Loris she is very very good people teach me homework talk with me when I have bad mood and father is Frank he is a 
Sincere man when I have to move he just want to help me . I give this homestay 100%point and support


CHANG, Han-Chih




They are nice people~





Yeah, it was a great time. I am happy to live with them. They are kind to me, just like a family.

Jessica Cheung



Dear Cathy It is really good! I had happy time with homestay Australia. Thank you! Kind Regards


Guanying Zhu Sent from my iPhone




Dear Homestay Australia,

       It is because of all your efforts and your careful focus for the international students like me, that I, myself, have found convenience as well as happiness of studying in Australia. I would generously like to thank you for everything especially for placing with suitable families. However, the distance I had to travel was an obstacle for me; having lesser time to sleep and more distance to travel, I usually feel tired. Despite that, the rooms and meals provided were quite good and I received a great care from the homestay parents. I would highly recommend this to my families and friends who are planning to study here in the future. All in all, this experience was indeed more than I had expected as well as a great help for my adaption to Australian ways. Again, thank you very much and I hope Homestay Australia continues to be successful in helping international students!

Many Thanks,
     Ye Htet Aung



When I in homestay, my homestay owner taught me a lot and cooked very delicious food for me. I spend very happy time in homestay, thanks a lot!


Ryan Chan



Hi Homestay Australia PL,


This homestay family is fo nice, the food is very delicious! I had a wonderful time here.





Lingjia Li





the home stay was a very good family and kind but there is small bad thing ( not near to swinburne uni)

thank you very much for helping me.

best regards


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omestay Accommodation in Australia




It was perfect. My hosts are adorable.


Lucas Macedo





Dear Cathy,


Hi, I'm glad spend the time with homestay Australia. Thanks for your caring for me. 


Kind regard,





That was excellent, everything is fine.






Hi,i think my home stay family is very good ,i will recommend your company to my  friends and family

Thank you


Liz Liu



My homestay is very responsible and helpful with my living and studies, I had a very good time with them.


Thank you for taking care of me.





I love my homestay parents very much , I feel lucky to stay with all of them.

Zhang Ge



Everything is good,including the food,the people,and the room. 


LIU Dong






It' good for me to live in this homestay.

Lina is kindful person and I'm happy to live in their home.


Kind Rrgards,







Hi Cathy


Living in this Homestay is wonderful. They take good care of me and tread me really like their daughter. I think I am really lucky to have such a great Homestay. 


Thank you


Kind Regards