Family English Program 


Teacher in the Homestay Program


Learn English confidently because it is One on One lessons in your own private qualified teacher's home.


Learn English at you own pace and level. Be totally immersed in English. Join in the family life. Mealtime conversation, family visits, television and social contacts are all in the English language you are studying and with people of that country.


Teacher in the Homestay lessons are suitable for all ages.


Lessons are from 15 to 20 hours each week. You may start your program on any day. Lesson times will be arranged on your first day and will be by mutual agreement with your teacher.


Your general lessons will include grammar, writing, speaking and listening. You select your program for a minimum of one week to as many weeks that meet your needs and request your special needs, grammar, pronunciation, etc.


Your teacher will assess your level of English on your first day and you and your teacher will plan your lessons to meet your special needs and at your level.


Your selected teacher will be a qualified English language teacher. All our teachers have either a teaching certificate and/or a University degree.


All our teachers have had their qualifications verified by our Program Director and the Homestay home thoroughly inspected by our local coordinators.


Your teacher will monitor your progress and to make sure your experience with us is both happy and successful.


Teacher in the Home options can be anywhere in Australia.


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