Study Tours to Australia (with Daily Transfers if requested) 2020 Fees


Dear Agency/ School


Locations :





Gold Coast






New Zealand (Different Costs apply)


Listed below are our charges for Study Tours.

Please be in contact by email to for a confirmed Quotation.


Thank you.

Homestay Australia.



Fees  (Per PAX) Rate
Placement Fee :   $50.00
Internet Access $10.00 per week
Homestay Fee (3 meals per day Triple Shared Room)                                   $43.00 per night 
Homestay Fee (2 meals weekdays, 3 meals weekends Triple Shared Room) $44.00 per night 
Homestay Fee (2 meals per day (Breakfast & Dinner) Triple Shared Room)  $43.00 per night  
Homestay Fee (3 meals per day Twin Shared Room)                                $47.00 per night 
Homestay Fee (2 meals weekdays, 3 meals weekends Twin Shared Room) $46.00 per night 
Homestay Fee (2 meals per day (Breakfast & Dinner) Twin Shared Room) $45.00 per night  
Homestay Fee (2 meals weekdays, 3 meals weekends Single Room)                     $55.00 per night 
Homestay Fee (No Meals provided Single Room)                                    $45.00 per night 
Transfer Services  
Pickup from the School First Day of the Tour Fee $25.00
Drop Off at the School on the Last Day Fee $25.00
Daily Transfers (Daily Pickup/Drop off)  Fee  $25.00 per day
First School Day Transfers (If no Daily Transfers requested) $25.00
Airport Transfer - One way  $150.00 per applicant






Always check what the Weather will be in the location and at the time of your tour so as your students can be properly dressed.



Quotations are provided for classes with Universities, Secondary Schools, Primary Schools and Language Schools.



100% in the week prior to the beginning of the Tour.


Time Periods

One Week or more



Minimum of 4 Applicants



Twin Shared Room

Triple Shared Room

The number of students per Homestay is decided by the Agency (two, four)

The Homestay is located near a Train Station or Tram or an Express Bus Stop.



Students are encouraged to bring cabin size luggage only.


Pickup / Drop Off

The Host collects their students from the School or Meeting Point. On their final day the Host returns the student to the School or Meeting Point. The Meeting Point to be the School or a pre agreed location.



Transfer From and To the Airport or Meeting Point

If NO Daily Transfer is requested, the Host is required to take their students to and from school on the First Day by Public transport to ensure they understand how to travel by themselves to and from school.


Daily Transfers

Hosts take their students to and from School daily.


Staying in Contact

Each Tour Leader has to have the mobile phone number for all their students on tour. This is very important in case a student becomes lost or is unwell and requires medical assistance. 


Keeping Hosts Updated

Advise Homestay Australia of any changes to the Group Itinerary.



All students must have Travel Insurance to cover medical expenses if required and also any lost property.


Australian Hosts

Hosts will have at least one member of the family born in Australia. Hosts are selected upon the requirements of the Agency and/or School.


Mobile Phones

Tour Leaders to have Australian mobile phones and be available at all times (Groups can purchase compatible Sim Cards upon their arrival in Australia). Hosts are provided the mobile phone number of the Tour Leaders.


Travel Tickets

Students have their own Train/Bus/Tram ticket for the duration of their stay. This is to be purchased by the Tour Agent upon their arrival of each group.



Students have a card provided by their Agency which states who he or she is, the contact details of the school where he or she is studying, their Host's telephone number and address as well as their Tour Leaders mobile phone number. Therefore in case they are lost they can show a passer-by the information and their Host or Tour leader can be contacted.



3 meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)


Breakfast :  Host Arranges - A choice of cereal, toast or noodles, Tea, Coffee provided by the Host. All breakfast foods placed on the kitchen bench the evening prior for students to prepare for themselves the next morning.

Lunch :       Host Arranges - Large Container of Noodles (students can heat at School), a piece of fruit, a drink.

Dinner :      Host Arranges - A cooked meal eaten with the family.



Hosts report immediately if any student is missing or who has not come home at an agreed time.



If a child is too sick to go to school, the Tour leader or a Teacher must come to the Homestay by Taxi and take the student to the nearest Hospital. The Host will advise which Hospital is the closest.



The Host will do the student's washing for them.



The Host Family will supply soap and toilet paper. The student provides their own shampoo, tooth paste and tooth brush.



Students are expected to keep their own room clean and tidy. Hosts are to ensure that students leave the bathroom as they find it.


Students with Money

Some students come with a large amount of cash. Please ensure that students are taught to keep their  money safe or leave their money with their Teacher.



Homestay Australia