Homestay bookings vary. Usually the periods are Four weeks or Five weeks.

Homestay Australia will email you your next Invoice, two weeks after your arrival.


If you wish to extend your stay in Homestay, pay the Invoice. It will be for the same period you originally applied for.

If you do not wish to extend your stay in Homestay tell your Host as soon as you can. 


If you extend your stay in Homestay, you need to give two weeks when you decide to leave.


Homestay Australia does not require you to sign a Contract nor pay a Bond for your accommodation.

All questions of payment should be referred to



If you plan to travel around Australia or go back to your country for more than 7 Days while you are in Homestay and you wish to keep your room, a fee of $185.00 per week is required to be paid. This payment is to be made to Homestay Australia. Homestay Australia will then pay your Host.



When you receive your Invoice, the payment instructions are at the bottom of the Invoice.

If you are not sure how to pay your Invoice, take a copy of the invoice to your Bank and they will explain how you can pay the invoice either at the Bank or Online.

Homestay Australia