Covid 19


Isolation in the Homestay. Stopping the Next Wave


Dear Host


Isolation in Homestay means ISOLATION.


Once a student arrives at your home for Two weeks Isolation there is no reason for them to leave until the Two-week period has been completed and they have not shown any symptoms of Covid-19.


     Rules in the Home


     Please ensure the following procedures are implemented for both your family and

     Any student who is in your home.  


      1 Your student who is required to be in Isolation is not allowed to leave your home for 14

          days. Please ensure that they understand this. If students ask if they can come with you

          to do shopping say no and ask them what they want. Agree to buy what they ask for

          and they can provide you with payment.


      2 Teach your student and family members to cough into their elbow or into a tissue at all  

          times or  teach your student and other family members to wear tee shirts so as when

          they need to suddenly cough, or sneeze then can pull their tee shirt forward and cough

          onto their chest.


3 All tissues should be disposed in a container near the back or front of the home for easy

   and frequent disposal.


    4 All hard floors to be cleaned frequently with disinfectant.


5 Teach  your student and other family members to wash their hands (using alcohol-based

    hand sanitisers – Methylated Spirits mixed with a Hand soap is a good option if you

    cannot buy a commercial hand sanitizer) when they wake up in the morning, before

    and after eating, before and after going to the toilet. Washing to be for 20 seconds and

    drying with a paper towel for 10 seconds. Always use paper towels when drying your

    hands because you can dispose of the paper towel. If you are using a bathroom towel to

    dry your hands then the towel itself can be infected. Do not share towels or tea towels.


6 When a Host bringing bags of groceries to the home, the Host is to leave the bags at the

    front door. The bags are to be disposed of and the food is to be transferred to different

    containers which have not been outside of the home and/or wipe down all items

    thoroughly with disinfectant wipes before storing. Covid-19 can remain on surfaces for

    up to 72 hours


7  Covid-19 can potentially survive in the stomach however this is unlikely when food is

    properly cooked and prepared. With good food preparation and good hand hygiene, it

    is highly unlikely that you will become infected with Covid-19 through food.


8 Teach your student and other family members to wipe down their mobile phone, 

    headphones, lap top etc (using alcohol-based hand sanitisers) every day.


9 Teach your student and other family members to frequently wipe down all hard surfaces

    with disinfectant (using alcohol-based hand sanitisers)  including door handles, taps,

    benches, tables, chairs, TV remote etc. Covid-19 can remain on surfaces for up to

    72 hours.


10 Allow daily washing of clothes as necessary.


11 All member of the home to have their own separate towels and wash clothes.


12 If your home has a ducted heating/cooling system – try to avoid using this system. If

     the air is infected with Covid-19 in one room, the virus can be transferred to another

     room by the ducted system.


13. Teach your student and other family members to advise you immediately if they feel

      unwell. If your student is unwell, contact Homestay Australia who will contact the

      student's school. We will then advise you of the next procedure:



We are “all in this together” (only) if we are of the same mind and working with the same understanding.   


Homestay Australia Pty Ltd