Social Support  (Guardianship Structure)


Homestay Australia provides a Guardianship Service for International Students under 18 years via the following guidelines.

Our service provides Parents with a single contact point for their child outside of school hours.

Parents can be assured that their child is well cared for while they study in Australia and that their child complies with their Student Visa requirements as specified by the Department of Immigration,

Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA).

With all Homestay accommodation provided to the Under 18 year student, a representative of Homestay Australia has visited the premises every 6 months and every family member over the age of 18 years has a

 "Work With Children Card"  ;


Relationship between Homestay Australia and Schools 



The Secondary Studentís Responsibilities in Homestay 



 Example :



Host Responsibilities for housing a Secondary School Student


In the Homestay, the host is expected to provide the following service :


Three meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days per week; a single room; furnished and laundry facilities in the Homestay. The Homestay fee also covers charges for electricity & gas and water.


Day to day care of the students by : 


Providing guidelines to their student regarding : 




Student Under 18 years requesting to stay overnight away from their Homestay or wishing to travel out of their metropolitan area.

An under 18 student is requested to provide the following details or documents to their School, Homestay Australia and their Host if they intend to stay overnight away from their Homestay or to travel anywhere outside of their metropolitan region :

1) The name, contact details and address of the Over-21 Adult who will be supervising then during their overnight stay or their travels. Please also include their relationship to the student (e.g. brother, sister, family friend)

2) The travel details / flight information / itinerary of the student as well as the people they are travelling with.

3) A letter/email of consent from the studentís parents stating that they are aware that the child will be staying away from their Homestay home or travelling out of their metropolitan area, also stating the dates of their travel, with whom they will be travelling with, and where they will be staying.

If a student cannot provide the required documents the Host is required to advise the student that they are not allowed to stay overnight away from their Homestay or to travel anywhere outside of their metropolitan region as they will be in breach of their Student visa. Any further issues can be directed to our office. 0400 468 658.


Guardian's Responsibilities




Role of the School for the International Student.


The School is responsible for the overall welfare of the student. They are required to : 



Guardianship for a Student residing in a Homestay


Four weekly Fee :  $220.00 (Include GST)  



Homestay Australia