Application Procedures 



Student Application Procedures


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Application Procedures 



.         1. Student Application Form   Student Application Form 

          The Agent or the School completes the student application Form from our Website, for the student. In the application form, the student is able to specify their requirements of accommodation, meals, location, other students, etc.


2.       2. When Homestay Australia receives the Application form, an Invoice is generated to the Agent, University or School.

            The Invoice will be for Accommodation, Bank Charges and Airport Transfer if requested. Payment is required within 14 days of the invoice date or prior to the Arrival date.


  1. Once the payment has been received, the accommodation is arranged and the accommodation profile to be sent to the Agent, the University and the School. 


  If there are any questions or concerns regarding the Homestay profile, or the student wishes to change the accommodation profile, a new accommodation profile is provided.


  1. Once the student has accepted the accommodation profile, Homestay Australia will require confirmation of the arrival details. The Host needs to be advised of the arrival date and time. 


  1. Upon arrival in Australia, Homestay Australia will confirm the safe arrival of the student at their accommodation by emailing the School, the University and the Agent.



6.     If the student is already in Australia, Homestay Australia will provide an accommodation profile and arrange for the student to meet with the Host prior to moving into the home.


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