Accommodation in Rockdale



Fredrick Street  



Accommodation is with Meals

$330.00 per week

Halal Meals provided

Breakfast and Dinner x 7 days a week

Female Parent / Occupation

Yes. Manager

Male Parent / Occupation

Yes. Builder

Children : 

Yes. Teenage Children

Languages spoken at home


Is Internet access available in the home


Total number of student rooms available in your home


Is your home an Apartment or a House


What are your interests

Cooking and gym

Do you have any Pets


Any International students residing in your home now. If yes, what are their ages and gender


What Public Transport do you have available within walking distance of your home

Outside my house bus stop and 7 min walk to train

What is the travel time to the city from your home

40 minutes

Do you prefer a Male or Female student?

Male or Female



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Description automatically generated  A bathroom with a toilet and shower

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A bedroom with a bed and a window

Description automatically generated with low confidence      A baby stroller in a room

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A living room with couches and a coffee table

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