Accommodation in Epping



Tyrol Crescent





Zip Code


Female Parent Name / Birth Date / Occupation

Zoe Disability Support Worker

Male Parent Name / Birth Date / Occupation


Male Parent WWCC or Blue Card Number and Expiry date.


Children living with you now: Name / Gender/ Birth Date / Occupation. All Children residing in the home over 18 years of age require a WWCC Card or a Blue Card.


Total number of student rooms available in your home


Are your student bedrooms inside your home or outside your home


What Languages are spoken in the Home?


Does your home have adequate Smoke Alarms?


What are the Family interests

I'm working at a disability worker; I absolutely enjoy helping others to reach their goals and needs. besides work I love natural. always up for camping, snorkelling, gardening, cooking, movies, have a walk in the creek next to the house after work.

What countries have you and/or your family travelled to in the past?

China, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam.

How many students have you had in the past ?

I'm currently hosting a Japanese student; she is going to English school at weekdays and we always hanging out together after work when we both available. she has become a lifetime friend and sister by love.

Do you have any Pets

2.5-year-old silver tabby cat who is very friendly

Is your Home a non-smoking home ?

I don't smoke, but for student it is strictly allowed only outside the house

Name of your Insurer for your Home/Contents and Public Liability Insurance. Your Policy needs to include Unrelated Guests or Visitors. If you are not sure contact your Insurer.

House Insurance with CommBank.

What is the Expiry Date of your Home/Contents and Public Liability Insurance?

No expiry date, paid month by month

Any International students residing in your home now. If yes, what are their ages and gender

Yes, I'm currently hosting a Japanese student, she is going to English school at weekdays. she is 28-year-old,

What Public Transport do you have available within walking distance of your home

3 mins walk to Bus route 901 and 556. about 16 mins walk to Epping station.

What is the travel time to the city from your home

1 Hour to city. 30 mins to Bundoora Campus.

Which Meal service do you wish to Provide? (Please tick multiple boxes)

  • Three Meals per day
  • Three Meals Weekends, Two Meals weekdays

Do you prefer a Male or Female student?













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