Accommodation in Doncaster East.


Father:                  Yes
Occupation:           PAINTER
Mother:                 Yes
Occupation:           HOUSEWIFE
Child1:                  Yes
Occupation1:         CUSTOMER SERVICE
Gender1:                FEMALE
Address:                CASSOWERY ST
Suburb:                  DONCATER EAST
Postcode:               3109
Area:                     Bus  . Train
Two-story:            Yes
House:                   Yes
Smoking:                NO
Languages:             ENGLISH
Wireless Internet:  Yes
Student Rooms:      4
Interests:                BBQ  WATCHING TV  VIST FREINDS
Pets:                      ONE CAT OUTSIDE
Other Students:     Male student from China
Halal:                   YES
Train:                   Yes
Bus:                     Yes
Walk time:           5 Minutes
Total Time:         35 minutes to the city


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