Accommodation in Bundoora





Greenhills Road





Zip Code


All Household members who are eligible must provide Vaccination proof upon request. Please confirm that you have been fully vaccinated

Fully vaccinated

Female Parent Name / Birth Date / Occupation

Female 1965  Sales Merchandising

Total number of student rooms available in your home


Are your student bedrooms inside your home or outside your home


What Languages are spoken in the Home?


Does your home have adequate Smoke Alarms?

Yes X 2

What are the Family interests

Walking family dog, gym, swimming, playing cards and board games

What countries have you and/or your family travelled to in the past?

Europe, Indonesia, America, Tahitian Islands

Do you have any Pets

7-year-old black Labrador - very friendly

Is your Home a non-smoking home?


Name of your Insurer for your Home/Contents and Public Liability Insurance. Your Policy needs to include Unrelated Guests or Visitors. If you are not sure contact your Insurer.


What is the Expiry Date of your Home/Contents and Public Liability Insurance?

3rd October 2022 gets renewed every year

Any International students residing in your home now. If yes, what are their ages and gender


What Public Transport do you have available within walking distance of your home

Tram and bus

What is the travel time to the city from your home

Tram 45 min/1 hour

Which Meal service do you wish to Provide?

Two Meals a day





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