Dear Host


Thank you for your assistance.




Make the recording on your phone without any breaks.


Just keep talking and when you wish move from room to room in your home.


Try to keep the phone as steady as possible


The whole video should be 5 to 7 minutes, no more.


Once you are happy with the video send it to Homestay Australia via your phone or email to





This is the suggested format.


1.    Introduce yourself (Camera to you)


Suburb only

How long you have been in Homestay Host

What countries your students have come from

How your students travel to school from your home

How you take care of your students

What meals you provide.




2.    Walk around your home and show

Student Bedrooms


Lounge areas


Back yard if you wish


3.    Conclusion (Camera to you)

Thanks for watching

Hope to see you in Australia in the future

Good luck with your studies in Australia

Add anything else you wish to say


If you have any further questions please be in contact. 0400 468 658.


Homestay Australia Pty Ltd