Tranmere, South Australia


Tranmere 1

Tranmere 2

Tranmere 3


Address Milton Avenue 
Suburb Tranmere 
State South Australia
Zip Code 5073
Please confirm that you would accept a newly arrived student who can prove: Yes 
1 .They have been double vaccinated
2,. They have provided a Negative Covid result prior to arrival in Australia.
Female Parent Name / Birth Date / Occupation Rebecca 
Male Parent Name / Birth Date / Occupation Tom 
Children living with you now :  Male 12 years
Male 11 years
Is Internet access available in the home Yes
Total number of student rooms available in your home 3
Are your Student bedrooms inside your home or outside your home Inside
What Languages are spoken in the Home ? English
Is your home an Apartment or a House House
How is your home Heated ? Ducted 
Does your home have adequate Smoke Alarms ? Yes
Does your home have any extra security ? Alarm, electronic gates 
What are the Family interests Beach, walks, exploring, swimming 
Do you have any Pets Yes - 4 cats and 1 dog
Is your Home a non-smoking home ? Yes 
What Public Transport do you have available within walking distance of your home Bus
What is the travel time to the city from your home 15 minutes 
Which Meal service do you wish to Provide ?  No Meals 
Three Meals per day
Do you prefer a Male or Female student ? Male or Female