Can I open a bank account before I arrive in Australia?


Most banks allow you to apply through their website before your arrival in Australia. During this process, you may be asked to provide information like:

        Passport number and expiry date

        Personal details like name, date of birth and residential address

        A valid email address

        Details of your expected arrival in Australia

        Your student visa


Once your application has been approved, you'll be able to transfer funds into your new account - meaning you can access your own money as soon as you land in Australia!

Once you arrive, you'll still need to visit your chosen bank's branch with your passport in order to receive your linked debit card. It's essential you complete this step within six weeks of arriving in Australia, or you'll have to provide additional identification.

If you're unable to set up your bank account before arriving in Australia - don't worry, you can quickly and easily do this by visiting a branch in person once you arrive.

Which banks can I choose from in Australia?

There are a number of banks available in Australia, which offer a variety of products including money transfer services, checking and savings accounts. We've included a list of the biggest banks below. These banks have many branches which are either near your School or your Homestay.

        Australia and New Zealand Bank (ANZ)

        Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)

        National Australia Bank (NAB)




How to Bank online with the Commonwealth Bank



Dear Student


Clink on the link below.




Enter Your -

Client number



Click on LOG ON


Click on the top- TRANSFER & BPAY


Click on - + ADD NEW


In the space for the Account Name write HOMESTAY AUSTRALIA  

In the space for the BSB write  (6 numbers only - refer to your Invoice)

In the space for the Account Number write (8 numbers only - refer to your invoice)


(The payment details has now been added to your Account)


Put the Amount you will pay in AMOUNT $ ?


Put in Description on your Statement  - INVOICE ?


Tick the Box Statement Description on receipts statement


Click on NEXT


Click on PAY


The Receipt of payment will then be displayed.


Copy the Receipt and send it to





Homestay Australia