Summer Homestay  



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Dear Registrar,


Please be advised that Homestay Australia  can provide accommodation for :


your International Boarding School students during the 2020 Christmas break.

your International students who cannot return home during the 2020 Christmas break.


We have Family (Homestay) accommodation available during this period.


All our Hosts are inspected every 6 months

Date stamped Photos taken of the premises

A Report is generated advising whether the Homestay is acceptable for an Under 18-year student.


Please advise if you wish to discuss this further or refer to our Website for the Student Application form.


We can each ensure that each of your students meets with their designated  Homestay family prior to moving in for the 2020 Christmas break.


Many Thanks.


Kind regards,


Theresa Santella

Homestay Australia Pty. Ltd.

ABN : 24 050 135 174

M : 0400 468 658
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