Change of Homestay Form





2 Weeks Notice must be given to your Host.


Points to Remember


Travel time to school can be up to 1 hour.


A Host can be single woman, single mothers, single grandmothers, as well as married couples with or without children.


Students are allowed to only use the hot water kettle, the toaster, the microwave, the rice cooker and sandwich maker in the home to prepare meals.


There is no guarantee of air conditioning in Homestay, however fans will be provided.


No bar heaters or fan heaters are allowed in bedrooms. Oil heaters are allowed at the rate of $2.00 per day (they need to be turned off at bed time and when you are not at home)


No clothing is to be put on heaters due to it being a fire hazard.


All Homestay payments are to Homestay Australia and not your Host. Homestay Australia arranges payments to your Host.


If you are under 18, a Homestay request will not be processed until we received your Education Provider's consent.